September 14, 2016 Membership Meeting


32nd District Monthly Meeting
Wednesday September 14th, 2016
7:00 PM 
Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline
6:30 PM  Socialize and Set-up
7:00 PM  Meeting Called to Order
                Agenda and Minutes Approval – click here
7:05 PM     *2016 Nominating Convention – information here
                          *2016 Endorsement Considerations  –  Ballot Initiatives,     Propositions

                           Presentation: Sound Transit 3 (ST3)

                              A ballot measure that voters will consider in November 


        Resolution Urging Seattle City Council to Provide for Funding of      School Construction 
        Carbon Fee and Dividend Resolution
        Resolution in Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership 
        Resolution on the need for Climate Mobilization
        Resolution on World Indigenous Peoples Day August 9
8:15 PM  Break – Raffle!!
8:20 PM  32nd Business Meeting
               Platform Committee Reports, 32nd LD Committee Reports
               Upcoming events
               New Business 
               Good of the Order
8: PM  Unfinished Business
9:15 PM  Adjourn 
                Chairs and Tables put away 
Endorsements may be considered