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January 11, 2017 32nd Monthly Meeting

32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

6:30PM Sign-in, Set-up, Socialize
6:40PM Step-Up*   
7:00PM Meeting

Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline
Directions (GoogleMaps)

*We are following the 44th LD’s new tradition of “open mic” time from 6:40-6:55PM  called “Step-Up”.  Member opportunity to step-up to the microphone and take three (3) minutes to share.

Agenda Items include Shoreline School District Levy information, 2017 Calendar, committee reports and updates, and ratification of one committee chair position. Endorsements may be considered.

32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization
Monthly Meeting 
Wednesday January 11th, 2017
Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline
6:30 PM  Socialize and Set-up
6:45:PM  NEW –  open mic  – 3minutes!
7:00 PM  Meeting Called to Order
                Agenda and Dec 14, 2016 Minutes Approval                                               
7:05 PM   How to Lobby in Olympia – 2017
8:10 PM  Break – Raffle!!
8:25 PM  32nd Business Meeting
               Committee Reports 
8:00 PM  Unfinished Business
                New Business –
                   2017 Meeting Location or Day Change Consideration 
                 Good of the Order
9:15 PM  Adjourn 
                Chairs and Tables put away 

2017-18 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization Executive Board 12.14.16

Congratulations to the newly elected board of the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization. I am deeply honored to be chosen as the continuing chair and thrilled and excited by the wealth of experience, talent and passion reflected in our new board!

Presenting the 2017-18
32nd District Democrats Executive Board and Committee Chairs elected 12.14.16

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December 14, 2016 Reorganization Meeting and Winter Festivus


32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization
Reorganization Meeting Wednesday, December 14th, 2016
6:30 PM Sign-in*,  7:00PM Meeting
Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline

*Festivus Happy Hour 6:30 – 7PM
Dessert, Pizza, Drinks, Raffle and silent auction/raffle
Reorganization Meeting 7PM – 8PM
Winter Party and Festivus 8PM – 10PM

*You are encouraged to bring a dessert to share and
White Donkey gift for the raffle!

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32nd PCO Information Page 2017-18

32nd District PCO Coordinator –  Carol McMahon

Area Specific Coordinators

Edmonds, Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Unincorporated –

Marilyn Dauer


Carol McMahon;

MD Eckart;

Deb Viertel

Shoreline –

Nicole Richey;

Lorn Richey

Seattle –

Sally Soriano

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) are the lifeblood of the grassroots efforts of the Washington State Democrats. PCOs engage and organize their neighbors, they get out the vote to elect and keep good Democrats in office, and they vital to the efficient running of the Legislative District Democratic Organizations.

If you are unsure which precinct you are in you can use the precinct finder tools for King and Snohomish Counties and check the 32nd PCO list below.

King County – Find my District

Snohomish County – Interactive Precinct and District Map

A PCO may also be appointed as an PCO to fill out a two-year term if the position is vacant.

King County PCO Application

Snohomish County PCO Application

2017-18  KING COUNTY  and SNOHOMISH COUNTY PCO’s Elected, Appointed and Acting  

Precinct   Last Name First Name Email
Aldercrest Acting PCO Sweet Meghan
Ann   Harris Stephanie
Chapel   Jess Janette
Cypress   Ali Shahrum
Edmonds 06   Tolliver Steven
Edmonds 12   McGuire Barbara
Edmonds 14 Acting PCO Dauer Marilyn
Edmonds 15   Dunsmoor Katherine
Edmonds 16        
Edmonds 18   Thompson Joshua
Edmonds 19   Fraley Monillas Adrienne
Edmonds 25   Harrison William
Edmonds 26   Palmer Andrew
Edmonds 27 Acting PCO Lamey Don
Edmonds 40   Jurewicz Tom
Edmonds 41   Brown Elizabethe
Edmonds 42   Williams Mary
Edmonds 43   Wellington Evelyn
Edmonds 45   Schafer Patrice
Edmonds 47        
Edmonds 48        
Edmonds 49   Ludgate Theodore
Edmonds 50   Madsen Catherine
Edmonds 52   Miklasiewicz Thea
Hilltop   Lee Carrie
Holly   Chase Carin
Larch   Fulton Doris
Laura   Todd  Bonnie
Lynnwood 01 Acting PCO Gill Kathy
Lynnwood 02   James Robert
Lynnwood 03   Kresek Ken
Lynnwood 04        
Lynnwood 05        
Lynnwood 06   Arendt Mike
Lynnwood 07   McMahon Carol
Lynnwood 08        
Lynnwood 09   Wright Stephanie
Lynnwood 10   Gough JoAnn
Lynnwood 11   Corey Ben
Lynnwood 12   Landon James P
Lynnwood 13   Eckart Michael
Lynnwood 14   Graziani Rosamaria
Lynnwood 15   Petersen Robert
Lynnwood 16   Utter Lisa
Lynnwood 17   Kilgore Deborah
Lynnwood 18 Acting PCO Petersen Gray
Lynnwood 20   Ross Randy
Lynnwood 21        
Lynnwood 22   Read Dustin
Lynnwood 23   Viertel Deborah
Lynnwood 24   Parshall David
Lynnwood 25   Jared Robert
Lynnwood 26   Palmer Warren
Lynnwood 28   Hikel Theodore
Lynnwood 29   Cheuvront Sandra
Lynnwood 30


Baylor Cathy  
Lynnwood 31   Patrick Denice
Lynnwood 32        
Lynnwood 33        
MAGNOLIA   Willoretta Stanley
Mtlk Ter 07   Marsing Tiffani Jordan
Mtlk Ter 08        
MtLkTerr 09        
MtLkTerr 10   Valpey Eric
PACIFIC   Lazerte Adam
RIDGEVIEW   Nelson James
ROB   Mason Garrett
SEA 32-2200   Solberg Dakota
SEA 32-2201   Williams-Derry Paul Clark
SEA 32-2202   Kline Julie kliner_2000@yahoo.Com
SEA 32-2203   Lange Kathleen
SEA 32-2204   Bright Sarah
SEA 32-2206   Ripp Lanna
SEA 32-2208   Jackson Martha
SEA 32-2209   Simmons Justin
SEA 32-2210   Allman Michele
SEA 32-2211   Caldwell Elizabeth
SEA 32-2215   Freedheim Amy
SEA 32-2216   Soriano Sally
SEA 32-2217   Lewis Charles
SEA 32-2218        
SEA 32-2224   Blevins Wendy
SEA 32-2537   Evenstar Marcus
SEA 32-2539   Fournier Dean
SEA 32-3568   McCoy Patricia
SEA 32-3656   Kestin-Landberg Kiraya
SHL 32-0001   Murata Corey
SHL 32-0012        
SHL 32-0024   Tenney Krista
SHL 32-0038        
SHL 32-0088        
SHL 32-0232   Scully Keith
SHL 32-0241   Irwin Wesley
SHL 32-0267   Roberts Christopher
SHL 32-0274        
SHL 32-0277   Steward Callie
SHL 32-0296   Kim Jin-Ah
SHL 32-0319        
SHL 32-0335        
SHL 32-0346 Acting PCO Richey Nicole
SHL 32-0357   Cafferty Jessica
SHL 32-0368        
SHL 32-0378   Lietz Amy
SHL 32-0401 Acting PCO Phelps Elaine
SHL 32-0407   Sandys Jeff
SHL 32-0423   Way Janet
SHL 32-0424   King-Hedinger Aurora
SHL 32-0444        
SHL 32-0454   Lopez Don
SHL 32-0462   Clarke Catherine
SHL 32-0470        
SHL 32-0474   Bender Abram
SHL 32-0486   Corando Humberto
SHL 32-0488        
SHL 32-0494   Aselas Erin
SHL 32-0499        
SHL 32-0510   Willson Shasta
SHL 32-0514        
SHL 32-0519   Amundson Julie
SHL 32-0527   Brunson Michael  
SHL 32-0530   Liaw Shoubee
SHL 32-0537        
SHL 32-0538   Angelis Stephanie Ann
SHL 32-0558   Jacoby Daniel
SHL 32-0559        
SHL 32-0605        
SHL 32-0606   Crow David
SHL 32-0609        
SHL 32-0648   Henry Angela
SHL 32-0665   Weber Patricia
SHL 32-0692   Wynne Maryn
SHL 32-0711   Smith Lila
SHL 32-0735   Kowalski Sophia
SHL 32-0754        
SHL 32-0802   Holt Julie
SHL 32-0819   McCoy John
SHL 32-0832   Nash Cynthia
SHL 32-0844   Leslie Ronald
SHL 32-0861   Shope Josh
SHL 32-0866   Hettrick Diane
SHL 32-0875   Brown Bettelinn
SHL 32-0888   Laffoon Rose
SHL 32-0895   Salomon Jesse
SHL 32-0897   Norton Maren
SHL 32-0898   Ryu Cindy
SHL 32-0903   Ahlgreen Carolyn
SHL 32-0914   McConnell Doris
SHL 32-0917        
SHL 32-0920        
SHL 32-0921   Hauge Winona
SHL 32-1020   Ritoch Tami
SHL 32-1021        
SHL 32-1030   Bachety Michael
SHL 32-1038        
SHL 32-1053   Charnley Alan
SHL 32-1077   Baltuth Raphael
SHL 32-1080        
SHL 32-1101   Krodel Jacob
SHL 32-1106   Richey Lorn
SHL 32-1140        
SHL 32-1158   Alley Travis
SHL 32-1168   Winstead Shari
SHL 32-1178   King Amber
SHL 32-1197   Owens Lawrence
SHL 32-1209   Heller Dennis
SHL 32-1210        
SHL 32-1228   Brennand Margaret
SHL 32-1236        
SHL 32-2552 pending Kuyenda jacob
Shl 32-2712        
SHL 32-2753   Rezayat Ashton
SHL 32-3363        
SHL 32-3556   O’Neill Aimee
SHL32-0396   McCullough Alice
WOODWAY  01        
WOODWAY 02   Jay Cindi




How to support Standing Rock –

The link below contains a list of reliable, trustworthy sources you can donate to with confidence.:   Read more at


WHEREAS the Missouri River is the principal source of water for both the City of Bismarck, North Dakota, and the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation approximately 35 miles downriver from Bismarck; and 

 WHEREAS the Dakota Access Pipeline LLC has proposed to construct a 1,100 mile Pipeline (“DAPL”) with a capacity of 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day – which it originally planned to cross the Missouri River immediately upstream from Bismarck but, when faced by opposition from city residents concerned about pollution of their drinking water from possible oil spills during pipeline operation, revised its proposed routing in order to have the DAPL cross the Missouri downstream from Bismarck and immediately upstream from the Standing Rock Reservation; and

 WHEREAS the Standing Rock Reservation was established through the Fort Laramie Treaties of 1851 and 1868, between the United States and the Great Sioux Nation, as a perpetual homeland for the Standing Rock Sioux; and 

 WHEREAS treaties are, under the U.S. Constitution, part of “the supreme Law of the Land”; and 

WHEREAS the various Sioux tribes, as descendants of some of the first residents of North America, whose status and rights are protected by the Fort Laramie Treaties and other treaties, are every bit as entitled to safe drinking water as are Bismarck residents of European, African or Asian ancestry, and are further entitled to a continued supply of water suitable for sustenance of the fish and wildlife critical to their way of life; and 

 WHEREAS construction of the DAPL would also threaten the integrity of historic sites and archaeological/cultural resources deemed sacred by the Sioux, including burial grounds subject to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (“NAGPRA”); and

 WHEREAS the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was endorsed by the United States in 2010, provides that each U.N. member state “shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them”; and 

WHEREAS the government agency responsible for issuing or denying the permits necessary for the DAPL, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has failed to (a) engage in the consultation provided for in both the above U.N. Declaration and Executive Order 13175, (b) recognize its duty to assure compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, and (c) issue a proper Environmental Impact Statement as required by the National Environmental Policy Act; and 

WHEREAS the DAPL, if and when completed, would facilitate further use of motor fuels and ensuing environmental degradation through carbon pollution and, ultimately, global warming;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we strongly oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline and, in particular, call upon (1) the Corps of Engineers to immediately initiate serious and thorough consultations with the Standing Rock and other Sioux officials, accompanied  by issuance of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement on the entire DAPL project while assuring its compliance with §106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, §10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act, Executive Order 13175, and applicable provisions of the NAGPRA, and (2) our entire Congressional delegation to assure, by oversight hearings and other measures as necessary, full compliance with all of the foregoing requirements.

Adopted November 16, 2016 by the 32nd District (Washington) Democrats



President Obama speaking after the election

“We all go forward, with a presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens—because that presumption of good faith is essential to a vibrant and functioning democracy. That’s how this country has moved forward for 240 years. It’s how we’ve pushed boundaries and promoted freedom around the world. That’s how we’ve expanded the rights of our founding to reach all of our citizens. It’s how we have come this far.” —President Obama speaking today in the Rose Garden on bringing our country together after the election:


November 16, 2016 Membership Meeting *note date change

32nd District Monthly Meeting

Meeting rescheduled  to 3rd Wed due to 2016 General Election

 Wednesday November 16th, 2016
7:00 PM 
Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline
6:30 PM  Happy Hour with the Executive board!!
                     Socialize and set-up
7:00 PM  Meeting Called to Order
                     Agenda and Minutes Approval – click here
7:05 PM    Guest Speakers
                       2016 Election Updates and Analysis
                         Resolutions –
2016-23 Resolution in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
2016-24 Resolution to join the Coalition to Build 1000 Homes


 8:15 PM  Break – Raffle!!
8:20 PM  32nd Business Meeting
                32nd LD Committee Reports
               Upcoming events – Dec 14th Reorganization and Holiday                                                                     Festivus!
               New Business 
               Good of the Order
8: PM  Unfinished Business
9:15 PM  Adjourn 
                Chairs and Tables put away 

10/19 Presidential Debate watch party – all invited!

The 32nd is partnering with Northwest Progressive Institute to host this watch party!
Open to all – donations gratefully accepted to cover rental and refreshments!
Come early at 4:30PM for Sign waving Honk and Wave                 PCO’s pick up Sample Ballots and walking lists

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Time: 6pm 
Location: Masonic Center 753 N 185th St, Shoreline

Moderator: Chris Wallace, Anchor, Fox News Sunday
Location: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

The format for the third debate will be identical to the first presidential debate.

2016 Presidential Election Night Party


All Ages!  Music! Food! Drink! Door Prizes!

After getting those last minute ballots in and GOTV phone calls done join friends and neighbors to watch results and celebrate the Presidential Election and all Democratic victories!

Are you ready? After GOTV join in the celebration tonight!   All Ages!  Music! Food! Drink! Door Prizes!

After getting those last minute ballots in and GOTV phone calls done join friends and neighbors to watch results and celebrate the Presidential Election and all Democratic victories!

Contact Carol McMahon for the discount code if you attended your precinct caucus – or message here – this is a grassroots event 

Opportunities to volunteer for entry available – we are phone banking at the Nile, calling local and swing state D’s – message for details!…

SPONSORED BY an ever growing list!  Senator Patty Murray joins as the most recent sponsor!
32nd,1st, 21st, 46th and 38th Legislative District Democrats,King and Snohomish County Democrats, Senator Patty Murray, former Lynnwood Mayor Don Gough, Senator Maralyn Chase…

Visit our Event webpage here


***Doorbell an orphan precinct or complete a phone bank shift  for ticket discount!!  Ask Carol at – for details!election-night-watch-party-2016FAQs

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?  NO!

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

 Is my registration/ticket transferable? YES!


Join in the celebration and add your name to the growing list of sponsors.
Contact Mario Brown for sponsorship information.