2017-14 Resolution Urging Support of Single-Payer Healthcare

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Create DateJune 11, 2017
Resolution Urging Support of Single-Payer Healthcare


Whereas the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) expanded health coverage to 20 million people but left millions of people uninsured, and failed to control costs; and

Whereas single-payer health care bills have been introduced in both the Washington state House (Rep. Appleton) and Senate (Sen. Hasegawa), yet has not come out of committee; and


Whereas there is an active bill in the United States House of Representatives, HR 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All (Rep. Conyers), that would provide health coverage for all U.S. residents at considerably lower cost; and


Whereas a single-payer health care bill is being drafted for the United States Senate (Sen. Sanders); and

Whereas recent public opinion polls find support for such a plan to be well above 50% among all voters (81% among Democrats, 43% of Republicans); and


Whereas the public outcry against the recently proposed “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) and recognition that the ACA needs revision, this is the time to promote full universal single-payer health care coverage in the U.S.; and


Whereas the platform of the Washington State Democrats calls for “An affordable universal single-payer system to provide the most equitable and effective health care, serving both individual and public health needs...”; now


Therefore, be it resolved that the 32nd Legislative District Democrats ask our state Representatives Ruth Kagi and Cindy Ryu to support universal single-payer health care bills and initiatives in Washington, and we thank Senator Maralyn Chase for co-sponsoring universal single-payer health care bills and initiatives in Washington; and


Be it further resolved that we thank U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-7) for vocally supporting and co-sponsoring HR 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All, and we urge Representative Rick Larsen (WA-2) to co-sponsor and advocate for HR 676; and


Be it further resolved that we urge Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to co-sponsor and advocate for a universal single-payer health-care bill being drafted in the Senate; and


Be it finally resolved that the membership of the 32nd Legislative District request the above-mentioned representatives to respond upon receipt of this resolution. 


32nd LD co-sponsors: Bettelinn Brown, Birgit Ages, Sally Soriano
Resolution originated from: Whole Washington  http://www.wholewashington.org  and has been passed by the 33rd, 43rd and 8th LDs.
Edited by Dean Fournier, Elaine Phelps and Sally Soriano