2017-16 Resolution in Support of Forming a Recognized Environment and Climate Caucus

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Create DateAugust 4, 2017

Resolution in Support of Forming a Recognized  Environment and Climate Caucus

Within the 32nd District Democratic Organization

 Whereas climate change and inadequacies in environmental protection are urgent local, regional, international, economic, and moral crises; and

 Whereas climate change and environmental protection are directly linked to issues of social justice and economic equity and vitality; and

 Whereas the elevation of a science-denying faction into leadership of the Federal Executive branch makes local action on climate change and environmental protection more necessary than ever; and

 Whereas the Democratic Party can and must do more to champion environmental and climate issues and work toward solutions; and

 Whereas local, grassroots organizing within party structures is a necessary and effective means for achieving environmental goals; and

 Whereas the Washington State Democratic Party recently approved the formation of a State Democratic Environment and Climate Caucus;

 Therefore, be it resolved that the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization recognizes and supports the formation of an Environment and Climate Caucus within the district organization, in affiliation with the Washington State Environment and Climate Caucus.

Originated by Teresa Catford, 206-546-5487,


Edited slightly by Dean Fournier, 206-364-4539