32LD Meeting Minutes June 14, 2017 – DRAFT

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32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization

(Draft) Minutes of “Endorsement Meeting,” June 14, 2017,

at the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center


Following a 6 pm lasagna dinner graciously provided by our Latino community partners under the leadership of Rosamaria Graziani, and 20 minutes of “open mic” time nominally limited to 3 minutes per speaker, the meeting was called to order at 7 pm by District Chair Carin Chase.  We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by four Lynnwood High School students of Hispanic ancestry.  M/S/C to adopt the agenda as proposed.  M/S/C (separately) to approve the minutes of our two May meetings, held on May 10 and May 21.


Several elected officials in attendance were introduced, following which SCDCC Chair Mario Brown spoke, explaining the Snoco Dems’ “10-10 for 2020” campaign – which includes a fund-raising dinner to be held on Aug. 26.  M/S/C to sponsor a 10-person table at that event.




It was pointed out at the outset that our Endorsement Rules are set forth on the reverse side of the meeting agenda, and require a 60% “Yes” vote for an endorsement. 


For Shoreline City Council, Position 5, M/S to endorse Bergith Kayyali.  M/S to endorse Susan Chang.  M/S to endorse Carolyn Ahlgreen.  Each spoke, revealing Ms. Kayyali as an opponent of “the rezone” who wants to further daylight Boeing Creek; Ms. Chang as a civil engineer and member of the Planning Commission; and Ms. Ahlgreen as a supporter of additional affordable housing.  Each was subjected to Q&A, following which it was voted to endorse all three. 


For Lynnwood City Council, Position 1, M/S to endorse Ben Corey.  He spoke, identifying himself as a 4th grade teacher.  Q & A revealed him to be a supporter of a higher minimum wage and an opponent of Lynnwood’s FD 1 expansion plan.  Following speakers for and against his endorsement, it was voted 34-17 to endorse him. 


For Edmonds School Board, Position 4, M/S to endorse Cathy Baylor.  M/S to endorse Deborah Kilgore.   Each spoke and, in conjunction with Q&A, it developed that Ms. Baylor teaches piano and is opposed to charter schools and vouchers, and that Ms. Kilgore does not oppose the use of crumb rubber surfacing on playgrounds.  It was thereupon voted to endorse Ms. Baylor, and then, by a vote of 34-10, Ms. Kilgore.


For Edmonds School Board, Position 5, it was moved by the Board (and Endorsement Committee) to endorse Mitchell Below – who spoke, was subjected to Q&A, was recommended by Ted Hikel, and won endorsement.


King County Proposition 1, “Access for All,was identified as an August 1 ballot measure creating a 7-year additional sales tax of 0.1% to raise $7 million annually for “Arts, Science and Heritage.”  Following Q&A, M/S to endorse the measure.  There were speakers pro and con; a vote was taken, and the measure fell short of the requisite 60% (28-21).


For Snoco Fire District 1, Commissioner Position 3, M/S to endorse Bret Chiafolo.  In his remarks and/or Q&A, Mr. Chiafolo professed support for RFA#1.  Following remarks by Ted Hikel in favor oF his endorsement, it was voted to endorse Mr. Chiafolo.


For an at-large position on the Port of Edmonds, M/S to endorse Susan Paine.  Ms. Paine spoke, stressing her determination to protect and preserve the “Edmonds Marsh,” and it was voted to endorse her.


The Chair then expressly invited further motions for endorsement, but none were proposed.




Senator Chase reported having introduced in the Legislature a bill providing for single-payer health care, in the expectation that it would be put on the ballot for a public vote.


Rep. Ryu alerted us to the renewed possibility of a “shutdown” of state-government due to a budgetary impasse.




M/S to postpone consideration of the three proposed resolutions on our agenda, due to the lateness of the hour.  Dean Fournier pointed out that the resolution regarding signature-gathering for an initiative is time-sensitive, a circumstance verified by Sue Edwards, a guest who had come in from Maple Valley especially to aid our consideration of that matter.  The motion for postponement was thereupon modified to apply only to the other two, and the motion carried as modified.  Following Ms. Edwards’s remarks in favor of that resolution – #2017-15, “in Support of Signature-Gathering for Initiative 912, Requiring Disclosure of Presidential Candidates’ Tax Returns” – it was voted to adopt the resolution.


PCO Appointments


After brief speeches of introduction by or on behalf of each of the following, M/S/C (individually) to approve their applications to become PCOs by appointment, for the precincts indicated:


Jonathan Waters

Lynnwood 4

Douglas Mormann

SHL 1210

Jessica Goldman

SEA 32-2218

Cathy Baylor

Lynnwood 30

Audrey Tanberg (acting)

Lynnwood 1

Bergith Kayyali (acting)

SHL 32-0488

Lavanya Reddy (acting)

SHL 32-1080


Money Matters


Treasurer Eric Valpey reported our current bank balance as $12,265.


M/S (Janet Way) to donate $500 to Jin-Ah Kim’s campaign for Shoreline City Council, but the motion failed by a vote of 9-15.


M/S/C to adjourn the meeting (at 9:57 pm).


Prepared and submitted by Dean Fournier, Secretary