2017 – 21 Resolution Urging Our Elected Officials to Defend DACA Recipients

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Create DateAugust 25, 2017


Resolution Urging Our Elected Officials to Defend DACA Recipients

Whereas the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order has provided over 750,000 young people (“Dreamers”) relief from deportation since 2012, as well as the ability to obtain a driver’s license, work permit, and social security number, and to travel abroad;

Whereas Dreamers have, in order to receive their DACA status, given our government in good faith their addresses, school records, fingerprints, and even DNA samples;

Whereas Dreamers were, by definition, brought into this country by their parents and have lived here at least since 2007, graduated from high school, and been law-abiding residents who call the United States their home, despite having been given no path to citizenship and no certainty regarding their long-term ability to live in this country;

Whereas ten states have threatened to sue the federal government if the DACA program is not ended by this September, and DHS Secretary Kelly has said that the fate of DACA will be determined by Attorney General Sessions—who would be responsible for defending DACA in court but is on record as an unequivocal opponent of immigration generally and the DACA program in particular;1 2

Whereas the above developments signal the Trump administration will end the DACA program as early as September 2017, and could use the Dreamers’ registration information against them to deport hundreds of thousands of law-abiding immigrants; and

Whereas we fear for these Dreamers and their safety after deportation, because they are our friends, neighbors, co-workers, students, spouses, and so much more to us;

Therefore, be it Resolved that the signatories to this petition request that our Senators and Representatives take the following actions:

  • In addition to the recent letters of support3 for DACA you have sent to President Trump, use whatever means of persuasion that are at the disposal of Congress to ensure the Trump administration maintains the DACA program, until immigration law can be reformed to protect DACA recipients;
  • Go on record in support of the newly introduced DREAM Act (S. 1615; H.R. 3440), and work toward its passage;4
  • If the DACA program is ended, demand that the Department of Homeland Security destroy its data on Dreamers without using any of the data to pursue DACA recipients.


Adopted August 9, 2017 by the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization