Meeting Minutes April 12, 2017

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32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization

(Draft) Minutes of Monthly Meeting, April 12, 2017,

at Shoreline Masonic Hall

Following a 6 pm lasagna dinner graciously provided by our Latino community partners under the leadership of Rosamaria Graziani, and 25 minutes of “open mic” time including several announcements – among them declarations of candidacy for Shoreline City Council by Jin-Ah Kim and Michael Bachety – the meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by District Chair Carin Chase.  We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  M/S/C to adopt the agenda as proposed.  M/S/C to approve the minutes of our last meeting, that of March 8.

Several elected officials in attendance were introduced, prior to commencing the evening’s featured program (below).

Single-Payer Health Care  

The tone was set by a showing of “Now is the Time,” a 30-minute documentary pointing out several limitations of the current system for providing and paying for health care in the U.S.  Among other problems, we now have 28.6 million people who are still without health insurance, even under the Obama administration’s quasi-mandatory “Affordable Care Act”; Rx drug costs have continued to balloon; and the health insurance companies still have high administrative costs.  As far back as 2003, Congressman John Conyers proposed H.R. 676, a bill to create a single-payer health care system.  Although it has never been enacted, its provisions have been reintroduced every year since then.

Our Senior Issues Coordinator, Birgit Ages, introduced Jim Squire, M.D., and Dana Iorio, ARNP, who amplified the message of the film and triggered a lively discussion among our members and other attendees.  They pointed out that many people have been driven into bankruptcy by high medical bills, and that the H.R. 676 proposal included funds to ease the inevitable transition for laid-off insurance company employees.  They opined that the “public option” is not a satisfactory substitute for single payer, and could even cause a new wave of problems. 

Other Business; Resolutions

Following a break for a raffle, M/S/C to adopt the Bylaws as most recently proposed by our Bylaws Committee under the leadership of Victoria Valentine. 

Dan Jacoby reported that our CD7 Congressmember Pramila Jayapal will be holding two town halls next week, at the Shoreline Community College dining room on Tuesday, and in Burien on Thursday.

Legislative Action Chair Wes Irwin reported that our state’s infrastructure has been given a D+ grade by an objective outside source, but that the movement to establish a State Bank has made significant progress.

Treasurer Eric Valpey gave an oral report on the state of our finances; Amber King reported that Bayer and Monsanto are moving toward a merger; and SCM Chris Roberts reported that the WSDCC will be meeting in Walla Walla later this month.  

After brief speeches by most of the following, M/S/C (individually) to approve their applications to become PCOs by appointment, for the precincts indicated:


Ashton Rezayat

SHL 32-2753

Audrey Tanberg (acting)

Lynnwood 30

Sophia Kowalski

SHL 32-0735

Michele Allman

SEA 32-2210

Paul Clark Williams-Derry

SEA 32-2201

Tiffani Marsing

M. Terr. 07

Nicole Richey (acting)

SHL 32-0346

M/S/C to adopt Resolution #2017-8, “Paramount Duty and Progressive New Revenue Resolution.”

M/S to adopt Resolution #2017-7, “Resolution to Maintain City of Lynnwood Fire Department.”  After a few explanatory remarks by Rosamaria Graziani and George Hurst, the motion carried.

M/S/C to extend the meeting by 10 minutes to enable consideration of two more proposed resolutions.  

M/S to adopt Resolution #2017-6, “To amend HB 1139 for Guardianship Alternative.”  After a few paragraphs of the Resolution were read aloud, the motion carried.

M/S to adopt a Resolution in support of a local income tax (on “the wealthy”) in Seattle and Shoreline.   After it became apparent that the Resolution had not been posted and that only one copy was present in the meeting room, M/S/C to table it until our next meeting.

Following Good of the Order, M/S/C to adjourn the meeting (at 9:30 pm).

Prepared and submitted by Dean Fournier, Secretary