Officers & Contacts

Congratulations to the newly elected board of the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization. I am deeply honored to be chosen as the continuing chair and thrilled and excited by the wealth of experience, talent and passion reflected in our new board!

Presenting the 2017-18
32nd District Democrats Executive Board and Committee Chairs elected 12.14.16

Chair Carin Chase
1st Vice Chair (King County) Alan Charnley
2nd Vice Chair (Snohomish County) Stephanie Harris
State Committeeman Chris Roberts
State Committeewoman Elaine Phelps
KCDCC Committeeman Jeff Sandys
KCDCC Committeewoman Janet Way
KCDCC Male Alternate Dan Jacoby
KCDCC Female Alternate Jin-Ah Kim
SCDCC Committeeman Ted Hikel
SCDCC Committeewoman Carol McMahon
SCDCC Female Alternate Cindi Jay
SCDCC Male Alternate Mike Arendt
Secretary Dean Fournier
Treasurer John Behrens
Membership Marylou Eckart – Md Eckart
Programs Coordinator Amber King
Legislative Action Sally Soriano, co chair Wesley D. Irwin
Correspondence Kathy Gill
Community Service Marilyn Dauer
Fundraising Mario Brown
Technology Eric Valpey
Affirmative Action Shirley Sutton
Young Democrats Victoria Valentine
Sergeant at Arms Michael Bachety
Parliamentarian Dakota Solberg
PCO Coordination Van Au Buchon
Seniors Issues Advocate Birgit Ages
Labor Liason Liz Brown




32nd LDDO Executive Board elected and appointed


Contact Information

Chair Carin Chase
(425) 312-3056
1st Vice Chair – King County Keith Scully
2nd Vice Chair – Snohomish County
Stephanie Harris
(425) 672-1676
Washington State Democratic Central Committee

Heather Fralick

Chris Roberts

King County Democratic Central Committee

Janet Way

Jeff Sandys


Open (identifies as female)

Alan Charnley

Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee

Paula Guhl

Ted Hikel

Open – ( identifies as female)

Mike Arendt

Recording Secretary Dean Fournier
Treasurer John Behrens
Parliamentarian Mario Brown
Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Arendt
May Arkwright Hutton Chapter of the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women Representative Elaine Phelps

Marylou Eckart


Programs Cindi Jay
Legislative Action Cindy Ryu
PCO Coordinator Carol McMahon
Campaigns  Chris Roberts
Endorsements Stephanie Harris
Correspondence Dan Jacoby
Community Service Marilyn Dauer
Fundraising Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
Technology open
Affirmative Action
Maralyn Chase
Young Democrats
Alan Charnley
Senior Issues Chair Dorothy King

Endorsements Overview

The 32nd Legislative Democrats Endorsement Committee exists for the purpose of vetting candidates running for office in any particular year. Our by-laws state that only self-identified Democratic candidates may be endorsed by the District organization. Judicial candidates, who are not allowed to make such identifications, are the only exception to this requirement.

  • Policy & Procedures – Standing rules governing candidate endorsements as specified in the By-laws and Standing Rules.
  • Candidate endorsement questionnaires – Please submit a completed questionnaire for King or Snohomish County.
    Contact Endorsement Committee Chair, Stephanie Harris to schedule an interview. or (425) 312-3056 
  • Civility Pledge – All candidates seeking endorsement are asked to sign a Civility Pledge.

Work with the Democratic Party Candidates of the 32nd LD to assure and continue the tradition of the 32nd as a democratic stronghold in the Puget Sound corridor!


About the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization

REDISTRICTING: As of January, 2012, The 32nd Legislative District has been reshaped as part of the statewide redrawing of Legislative District boundaries. We now serve the cities of Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, North Seattle, Shoreline and Woodway, as well as certain unincorporated areas in Snohomish County.


We therefore care about, learn about, participate in, work with, and have (more or less) influence on:

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