32nd PCO Information Page 2017-18

32nd District PCO Coordinator –  Carol McMahon carol.mcmahon@32democrats.org

Area Specific Coordinators

Edmonds, Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Unincorporated –

Marilyn Dauer marilyn.dauer@32democrats.org


Carol McMahon carol.mcmahon@32democrats.org;

MD Eckart m.eckart@32democrats.org;

Deb Viertel deb.viertel@32democrats.org

Shoreline –

Nicole Richey nicole.richey@32democrats.org;

Lorn Richey lorn.richey@32democrats.org

Seattle –

Sally Soriano  Sally.Soriano@32democrats.org

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) are the lifeblood of the grassroots efforts of the Washington State Democrats. PCOs engage and organize their neighbors, they get out the vote to elect and keep good Democrats in office, and they vital to the efficient running of the Legislative District Democratic Organizations.

If you are unsure which precinct you are in you can use the precinct finder tools for King and Snohomish Counties and check the 32nd PCO list below.

King County – Find my District

Snohomish County – Interactive Precinct and District Map

A PCO may also be appointed as an PCO to fill out a two-year term if the position is vacant.

King County PCO Application

Snohomish County PCO Application

2017-18  KING COUNTY  and SNOHOMISH COUNTY PCO’s Elected, Appointed and Acting  

Precinct   Last Name First Name Email
Aldercrest Acting PCO Sweet Meghan meghansweet@hotmail.com
Ann   Harris Stephanie c3beta@msn.com
Chapel   Jess Janette jjess3355@gmail.com
Cypress   Ali Shahrum shahrumali@hotmail.com
Edmonds 06   Tolliver Steven steventolliver@yahoo.com
Edmonds 12   McGuire Barbara babmcguire@comcast.net
Edmonds 14 Acting PCO Dauer Marilyn marilyndauer@yahoo.com
Edmonds 15   Dunsmoor Katherine kduns13@gmail.com
Edmonds 16        
Edmonds 18   Thompson Joshua ponchandjohn@hotmail.com
Edmonds 19   Fraley Monillas Adrienne monilad@aol.com
Edmonds 25   Harrison William wm.r.harrison@gmail.com
Edmonds 26   Palmer Andrew andewwebbpalmer@gmail.com
Edmonds 27 Acting PCO Lamey Don donaldlamey@gmail.com
Edmonds 40   Jurewicz Tom tomjtoon@comcast.net
Edmonds 41   Brown Elizabethe lized01@comcast.net
Edmonds 42   Williams Mary mary.pamela.williams@gmail.com
Edmonds 43   Wellington Evelyn evewell@msn.com
Edmonds 45   Schafer Patrice xtrafingers@msn.com
Edmonds 47        
Edmonds 48        
Edmonds 49   Ludgate Theodore tludgate@comcast.net
Edmonds 50   Madsen Catherine cathymadson@gmail.com
Edmonds 52   Miklasiewicz Thea thea_mik@yahoo.com
Hilltop   Lee Carrie  lovecarrielee@gmail.com
Holly   Chase Carin carin.chase@32democrats.org
Larch   Fulton Doris fultondl@gmail.com
Laura   Todd  Bonnie bsandahl@wolfenet.com
Lynnwood 01 Acting PCO Gill Kathy kegill@gmail.com
Lynnwood 02   James Robert rhj4315@live.com
Lynnwood 03   Kresek Ken kpkresek@hotmail.com
Lynnwood 04        
Lynnwood 05        
Lynnwood 06   Arendt Mike arendt1@gmail.com
Lynnwood 07   McMahon Carol 54.cmac@gmail.com
Lynnwood 08        
Lynnwood 09   Wright Stephanie froggymail@aol.com
Lynnwood 10   Gough JoAnn jgough626@aol.com
Lynnwood 11   Corey Ben benjamin.c.corey@gmail.com
Lynnwood 12   Landon James P ljimandpat@aol.com
Lynnwood 13   Eckart Michael Eckartm@frontier.com
Lynnwood 14   Graziani Rosamaria  rosamaria.graziani@32democrats.org
Lynnwood 15   Petersen Robert robert.petersen@32democrats.org
Lynnwood 16   Utter Lisa lisautter@hotmail.com
Lynnwood 17   Kilgore Deborah deborah.kilgore@gmail.com
Lynnwood 18 Acting PCO Petersen Gray gray.petersen@32democrats.org
Lynnwood 20   Ross Randy rross1144@gmail.com
Lynnwood 21        
Lynnwood 22   Read Dustin read6430@gmail.com
Lynnwood 23   Viertel Deborah debviertel@yahoo.com
Lynnwood 24   Parshall David davidparsh@hotmail.com
Lynnwood 25   Jared Robert rwjared@hotmail.com
Lynnwood 26   Palmer Warren janet.palmer.85@comcast.net
Lynnwood 28   Hikel Theodore councilmantedhikel@hotmail.com
Lynnwood 29   Cheuvront Sandra sandi92043@yahoo.com
Lynnwood 30


Baylor Cathy  
Lynnwood 31   Patrick Denice denicepatrick@comcast.net
Lynnwood 32        
Lynnwood 33        
MAGNOLIA   Willoretta Stanley stan.willoretta@gmail.com
Mtlk Ter 07   Marsing Tiffani Jordan tiffani.marsing@gmail.com
Mtlk Ter 08        
MtLkTerr 09        
MtLkTerr 10   Valpey Eric ejvalpey@hotmail.com
PACIFIC   Lazerte Adam alazerte@gmail.com
RIDGEVIEW   Nelson James nelson.roger@hotmail.com
ROB   Mason Garrett garrett.g.mason@gmail.com
SEA 32-2200   Solberg Dakota dakota.solberg@gmail.com
SEA 32-2201   Williams-Derry Paul Clark clarkwd@gmail.com
SEA 32-2202   Kline Julie kliner_2000@yahoo.Com
SEA 32-2203   Lange Kathleen tatter59@me.com
SEA 32-2204   Bright Sarah swfbright@gmail.com
SEA 32-2206   Ripp Lanna maryleilannei@gmail.com
SEA 32-2208   Jackson Martha m145@zipcon.com
SEA 32-2209   Simmons Justin justin@justinsimmons.com
SEA 32-2210   Allman Michele machelleannjanette@hotmail.com
SEA 32-2211   Caldwell Elizabeth ejs@uw.edu
SEA 32-2215   Freedheim Amy 1amymother@comcast.net
SEA 32-2216   Soriano Sally sally@sallysoriano.org
SEA 32-2217   Lewis Charles charleslewis@hotmail.com
SEA 32-2218        
SEA 32-2224   Blevins Wendy wendy.blevins@gmail.com
SEA 32-2537   Evenstar Marcus marcus.evenstar@gmail.com
SEA 32-2539   Fournier Dean demdean48@gmail.com
SEA 32-3568   McCoy Patricia patamccoy@gmail.com
SEA 32-3656   Kestin-Landberg Kiraya landberg3@msn.com
SHL 32-0001   Murata Corey cimurata@gmail.com
SHL 32-0012        
SHL 32-0024   Tenney Krista tenney@earthlink.net
SHL 32-0038        
SHL 32-0088        
SHL 32-0232   Scully Keith keith@newmanlaw.org
SHL 32-0241   Irwin Wesley wesleydirwin@gmail.com
SHL 32-0267   Roberts Christopher chris.roberts@32democrats.org
SHL 32-0274        
SHL 32-0277   Steward Callie calliel_@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0296   Kim Jin-Ah gnuhkym@gmail.com
SHL 32-0319        
SHL 32-0335        
SHL 32-0346 Acting PCO Richey Nicole nikita7282@msn.com
SHL 32-0357   Cafferty Jessica jtcafferty@gmail.com
SHL 32-0368        
SHL 32-0378   Lietz Amy amybunnylietz@gmail.com
SHL 32-0401 Acting PCO Phelps Elaine efphelps@earthlink.net
SHL 32-0407   Sandys Jeff jpsandys@yahoo.com
SHL 32-0423   Way Janet janetway@yahoo.com
SHL 32-0424   King-Hedinger Aurora aurorakhedinger@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0444        
SHL 32-0454   Lopez Don donlopez81@gmail.com
SHL 32-0462   Clarke Catherine catherineca@comcast.net
SHL 32-0470        
SHL 32-0474   Bender Abram wa.dems@abe.bender.net
SHL 32-0486   Corando Humberto clanc@rocketmail.com
SHL 32-0488        
SHL 32-0494   Aselas Erin erinaselas@gmail.com
SHL 32-0499        
SHL 32-0510   Willson Shasta shastaw@gmail.com
SHL 32-0514        
SHL 32-0519   Amundson Julie jula2@comcast.net
SHL 32-0527   Brunson Michael  
SHL 32-0530   Liaw Shoubee shoubeeliaw@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0537        
SHL 32-0538   Angelis Stephanie Ann stephaniea.angelis@gmail.com
SHL 32-0558   Jacoby Daniel dan@danjacoby.com
SHL 32-0559        
SHL 32-0605        
SHL 32-0606   Crow David cromag9@gmail.com
SHL 32-0609        
SHL 32-0648   Henry Angela angelachenry@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0665   Weber Patricia pweber27@centurylink.net
SHL 32-0692   Wynne Maryn marynw@aol.com
SHL 32-0711   Smith Lila   lila_itf@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0735   Kowalski Sophia sophiakowalski@outlook.com
SHL 32-0754        
SHL 32-0802   Holt Julie jooligee@gmail.com
SHL 32-0819   McCoy John john.mccoy@outlook.com
SHL 32-0832   Nash Cynthia cjnash@mac.com
SHL 32-0844   Leslie Ronald ronleslie@comcast.net
SHL 32-0861   Shope Josh  josh.shope@gmail.com
SHL 32-0866   Hettrick Diane dhettrick@earthlink.net
SHL 32-0875   Brown Bettelinn bettelinn@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0888   Laffoon Rose rmlaffoon@comcast.net
SHL 32-0895   Salomon Jesse jsalomon10@hotmail.com
SHL 32-0897   Norton Maren mrnorton@stanfordalumni.org
SHL 32-0898   Ryu Cindy friendsforcindyryu@yahoo.com
SHL 32-0903   Ahlgreen Carolyn harridaughta@yahoo.com
SHL 32-0914   McConnell Doris dorismccon@comcast.net
SHL 32-0917        
SHL 32-0920        
SHL 32-0921   Hauge Winona whollinshauge@yahoo.com
SHL 32-1020   Ritoch Tami tamiritoch@gmail.com
SHL 32-1021        
SHL 32-1030   Bachety Michael mbachety@gmail.com
SHL 32-1038        
SHL 32-1053   Charnley Alan silver.arrow12@gmail.com
SHL 32-1077   Baltuth Raphael raphael@baltuth.com
SHL 32-1080        
SHL 32-1101   Krodel Jacob krodel.jacob@gmail.com
SHL 32-1106   Richey Lorn lornrichey@hotmail.com
SHL 32-1140        
SHL 32-1158   Alley Travis alley.travis@gmail.com
SHL 32-1168   Winstead Shari shariwinstead@yahoo.com
SHL 32-1178   King Amber amberking907@gmail.com
SHL 32-1197   Owens Lawrence larryowens2@frontier.com
SHL 32-1209   Heller Dennis dennis@incontrolhvac.com
SHL 32-1210        
SHL 32-1228   Brennand Margaret megbrennand@gmail.com
SHL 32-1236        
SHL 32-2552 pending Kuyenda jacob jacob.m.kuyndall@gmail.com
Shl 32-2712        
SHL 32-2753   Rezayat Ashton ashtonrezayat@gmail.com
SHL 32-3363        
SHL 32-3556   O’Neill Aimee  aimeeo.1@live.com
SHL32-0396   McCullough Alice sabasmom13@hotmail.com
WOODWAY  01        
WOODWAY 02   Jay Cindi cindi.jay@gmail.com