September 13, 2017 32nd Dinner and Monthly Meeting

32nd District Monthly Meeting
Wednesday September 13th, 2017
7:00 PM 
Masonic Hall Shoreline, 753 N 185th St, Shoreline
6:00 PM  Dinner and Socialize 
6:35 PM  STEP-UP to open mic!  2 min each
7:00 PM  Meeting Called to Order
               Agenda and Minutes Approval – June, August 2017 click here
               Elected Official and endorsed candidates recognized
7:05 PM     PROGRAM –  Current Affairs – speakers to be announced
                                                       Endorsement Considerations 


8:15 PM  Break – Raffle!!
8:20 PM  32nd Business Meeting
               32nd LD Committee Reports
               Upcoming events – 
               New Business 
               Good of the Order
8: PM  Unfinished Business
9:15 PM  Adjourn 
                Chairs and Tables put away 
Endorsements may be considered

**Membership must have been updated by August 13th to be eligible to vote.