32nd District Democratic Organization 2017 Service Awards

  Rose Laffoon and Janeen Cook Service Award
The Rose and Janeen Service Award is the highest honor within the 32nd District Democrats.  Which is named for Rose Laffoon and Janeen Cook who did work above and beyond what was expected for the people of the 32nd.  With Abiding values of the Democratic Party, commitment to democracy through service and leadership within the 32nd and our surrounding committee.

Barack H. Obama Community Organizer of the Year

The Barack H. Obama Community Organizer of the Year is named for the 44th President of the United States and who started off as a community organizer.  In this spirit this award goes to someone who has done an outstanding job bringing our community together through events that not just about politics but the state of our community.  As well raising awareness of important issues that are not being talked about as much as they should so we can build a better community.

PCO of the Year

PCO of the year is presented to the person who best embodies what a Precinct Committee Officer of the Democratic Party should be.  From not only doorbelling their own precinct but helping other new PCO’s with theirs or places that do not have one.  As well being an example to all what it is to be an engaged citizen at one the most important grass-root levels.  Only PCOs or Acting PCOs can be nominated for this award.


Rising Star (Two)

This award is given to a two people who are becoming a true leader of our community through their actions as well as having a bright future not only within the 32nd District Democrats, commitment to democracy, but the Democratic Party and our community.  

Elected Official of the Year

To the Elected Official who has best embodied the values of the 32nd District Democrats, commitment to democracy and best embodied what it is to be a public servant.  As well being a beacon for those who wish to run for office themselves and seeing how best to serve the people.

Unsung Hero of the Year

The Unsung Hero is given to the person who does an outstanding job serving the people of the 32nd Democrats.  Who is always doing something to make sure our district has success but also is not seeking the limelight for their actions. All while supporting the values of community and a commitment to democracy

Lifetime Service Award

Lifetime Service Award is given to the individual who has best served the Community, commitment to democracy, the Democratic Party and the people of the 32 LD Democrats over a lifetime.  From being a former elected or current elected official or pillar of the community for many years.


Patty Murray Trailblazer Award
Patty Murray Trailblazer Award is named for the first woman to be elected to the United States Senate in Washington State History.  Being a trailblazer is an important part of our community thus this award who has started our community and our District moving in a positive direction that had never been thought of before.  And becoming an example for all who are hoping to improve the community and world.


Special For This Year:


Nevertheless She Persisted Award

This Year inspired by the Actions of Sen. Warren the Never Less She Persisted.  Is being given to the local Democrat who has toughed through great odds to deify all odds risen above the worst of nature and been a great role model.  

Best Cookie Investigator (Age 14 and younger)

The Best Cookie Investigator is given to best young Democrat who works tirelessly to ensure the cookies at 32nd Meetings and Events are of the finest quality.  As well promoting the values of community and a commitment to democracy.

Best Juice Sampler (Age 14 and younger)

The people of the 32nd District Democrats wish to recognize the best young Democrat who samples the juice and makes sure it is up to the high standards of juice we expect to have at our Meetings and Events.  Additionally by supporting the values of community and a commitment to democracy.