Civility Pledge

The 32nd  Legislative District Democratic Organization

All candidates seeking endorsement are asked to sign a

Civility Pledge.

Civility Pledge

 As a candidate for elective office, I pledge to uphold the following principles in my campaign.

1. I will respect and listen to those who bring different points of view to the public arena, including those with whom I disagree.

2. I will insist that my campaign message, literature, slogans, radio and TV ads, paid staff, and volunteers respect the dignity of all people – no matter what their background may be. I will demand corrective action if violations do occur.

3. I will represent myself and my beliefs in an honest and forthright manner, and I will be clear with voters about the programs and policies that I plan to promote if elected. I will not use deceptive campaign tactics.

4. I will challenge any attempts to stifle public debate and I will protect everyone’s right to express their beliefs and views without the threat of harassment, intimidation, or violence.

5. I will honor the spirit as well as the letter of all campaign finance laws and honestly report, as fully as possible, all expenditures made on my behalf.

Candidate’s Name______________________________________________________

Elective Office__________________________District/Position__________________

Yes, I agree to uphold the “Civility Pledge” in my campaign.

  No, I do not agree to uphold the “Civility Pledge” in my campaign.