2017-10 Resolution for Safe Consumption Spaces

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Create DateMay 1, 2017


Resolution for Safe Consumption Spaces 
WHEREAS Heroin and opioid use are at crisis levels throughout the U.S. and Washington state, and
WHEREAS in King County, 359 individuals died in 2016 from heroin and prescription opioid overdose alone, and 
WHEREAS to confront the heroin and opioid crisis The Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force was convened to develop both short and long-term strategies to prevent opioid use disorder, prevent overdose, and improve access to treatment for individuals experiencing opioid use disorder, and 
WHEREAS the Task Force applied an equity and social justice lens to ensure that recommendations did not exacerbate, but rather lessen, inequities experienced by communities of color as a direct result of the “War on Drugs,” and
WHEREAS the Task Force concluded Safe Consumption Spaces are a necessary first step to protect overall public health, provide treatment, overdose prevention, and safe communities, BE IT THEREFORE
RESOLVED that the 32nd Legislative District Democrats support Safe Consumption Spaces for public safety, health and equity within our community and throughout Washington; and inform the Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Council, King County Executive and King County Council of our support.
Submitted by: Sally Soriano, PCO 2216