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    Proposed Rules for Consideration of the 2016 32nd LD Platform

    1. The Platform Committee of the 32nd Legislative District Caucus shall transmit the draft platform, which was transmitted to the delegates of the LD Caucus to the membership of the 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization (32nd District Democrats) no later than five days in advance of the May meeting of the 32nd  District Democrats.
    2. Discussion of the Platform on May 11, 2016, shall be no more than thirty minutes.
    3. The Chair (or her designee) shall call upon the Co-chair of the Platform Committee to place the Platform before the body for adoption. 
    4. The Chair shall read each section heading and ask members of the 32nd  District Democrats who disagree with the substance of a bulleted item within a section to flag the item for debate and removal as not representing the sentiment of the majority at this time. Motions to delete language require fifteen seconders. 
    5. Amendments to add language to the platform will not be in order on May 11, 2016.
    6. At any point after asking members to flag items for debate, the Chair may call for a vote on the platform, which omits those sections not debated at the May 11, 2016 meeting.
    7. The Chair retains the prerogative to bring up bulleted items for debate and action.
    8. Debate shall alternate pro and con, limited to four speakers for and four speakers against the issue or the main platform, each speaker to speak no more than thirty seconds. One extension of four additional speakers, two pro and two con may be allowed per issue and on the motion to adopt the platform.
    9. Removal of a bulleted item will be by simple majority of those voting. 
    10. On June 8, 2016, the members of the 32nd  District Democrats shall debate the items items flagged for discussion, and not acted upon, on May 11, 2016 to add those items back to the platform.
    11. On June 8, 2016, members of the 32nd  District Democrats may move to amend the platform by adding bulleted items to the platform. Proposed additions to the platform must be emailed to Elaine Phelps ( by May 21, 2016.

     Draft 2016 32nd LD Platform